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I am currently seeking representation for the following stories. Please contact me if you are interested. Full manuscripts available upon request. 

When Plants Get Sick: When plants don’t have the right amount of water, sunlight or nutrients, they may wilt or show signs and symptoms of infection. A kid-friendly way to discuss the concept of disease from a biology perspective.

It’s Not How You Walk, it’s where you stand. Artist and disability rights activist, Jessie Jane Lewis, was mad when she couldn’t vote. Her polling place was not accessible, only 2% in the city were. Coupling her feelings of anger with art, she fought for disability voting rights in the 1990s. This is a biography of my mother. See website here for more.  

The Acorn Flour, Acorn Smasher 3000: Jasiah teaches the reader how to turn acorns into food and invents a special tool to help him. Teaches survival skills, sustainability, and natural history.

Stuart the Zombie Caterpillar: Stuart wasn’t always a zombie. While preparing to become a gypsy moth, he is infected with the “zombie virus,” a real virus that turns innards into goo and alters caterpillar behavior. Teaches insect-virus life cycles.

The Tappan Zee Bridge has gone through some changes over the years and has been completely rebuilt! This story behind its name includes a silly way it makes you talk when you go-zenzee across-zenzee the tappanzee bridgenzee! Comes with a song. 


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Photo from Jessie Jane Lewis Biography, “It’s Not How You Walk.”

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