Teaching All Students

“Learning cannot be reduced to a purely intellectual activity. It is more than a mental operation and more than the facts or ideas transmitted by books or lectures. Education is a complex experience of one kind or another. As an experience of human beings in a specific community at a certain moment in history and in their lives, it is a social interaction involving both thought and feeling.” –Ira Shor, Empowering Education

Differentiated instruction means finding ways to build confidence in students with a range of needs and abilities. From students who struggle to students who excel, to everyone in between, adjustments that accommodate one student often help all students. As part of my MAT program at Tufts, I am currently obtaining licensure as a teacher of students with moderate disabilities.

  • Competency Review: This page shows how I have met the requirements of the State in teaching students with moderate disabilities.
  • Challenging the Higher Level Students: This page addresses a lesson on area, perimeter, and algebra for three, advanced third-graders. It includes a video clip of the students, their thought processes, and my guidance.
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