Anya-France-rockAs a child, I spent summers exploring the natural world with my father. We traipsed in woods, explored creeks and swamps, got dirty, and asked questions. Why, for example, are there more bear sightings some years than others? Does the full moon always rise in the same place? He was a filmmaker with a scientific mind and when I accompanied him on filming excursions, I learned how to carefully observe the world. He taught me how to notice the way light quality changes throughout the year,  the way blades of tall grass sway collectively in a certain kind of wind, and the way shadows of cars next to a highway create a rhythm of light and sound. It was those experiences with my father that made me realize how important hands-on, experiential activities are for children, how insightful careful observation can be, and how interdisciplinary the world is.

As a teacher, whether I am teaching science, math, English, or social studies, I encourage the same sense of wonder in young people. My goal is to introduce students to content that inspires questions, because the more you know about something, the more questions you have.  I focus on a responsive and inquiry-based style of teaching. While I maintain plans for class trajectories, much of my teaching comes from responding to student interests and needs. I believe that students are more engaged and learn more when class content stems from their ideas.

Please explore my website to learn about my teaching experience, research experience and  credentials, to view my teaching statement, sample lesson plans, sample student work, and to catch a glimpse of my other passions in filmmaking, and music.


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